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Bill Vanderford's World Famous Swirleybird Spinners

Super - productive Swirleybird Spinner will catch almost every species of fresh and saltwater fish


Bill's Swirleybird Spinner has the perfect size, imitates baitfish well, casts easily, and maintains its attractive qualities from the time it hits the water until the end of the retrieve. These attributes make this lure especially good for anglers of all ages and skill levels in most parts of the world, for almost any fish, and at anytime of the year.

While most fishermen are still out chunking their bulky hardware in the wrong places, the thinking fisherman can use a “secret lure?that is far more appealing to the finicky bass. It is called a “Swirleybird" and it was originally designed to catch post-spawn bass.

Though many small artificial baits found in good fishing shops will fool a few bass during the post spawn period, the Swirleybird can be deadly. It has the perfect size, imitates the baitfish well, casts easily, and maintains its attracting qualities from the time it hits the water until the end of the retrieve. Despite its post spawn beginnings, the Swirleybird has proven to be one of the most consistent artificial lures in the world for almost any species of fish in fresh or saltwater. Therefore, we now produce these unique lures in seven sizes from the tiny fly rod size (1/32 ounce) to the larger Striper/Saltwater version (3/8 ounce) in order to cover everybody's needs.

fishing lure

These lures are made in three different colors, but that doesn't seem to be the deciding factor to the fish. Usually discovering the proper speed is far more important. This can be accomplished by varying the retrieve until the bass start to strike, then continue to duplicate that action.

Light spinning or fly fishing tackle combined with high-visibility four to eight pound test Stren line helps an angler see the strikes better, and allows the lighter lures to be presented properly. The largest sizes can be easily cast with a bait casting outfit, and because of the built in swivel, can be worked much faster with a larger blade. Even with these revelations, however, actually catching lots of fish is never an easy accomplishment. It’s still may be necessary to make hundreds of casts and cover plenty of shoreline, boat docks, blown down trees, or rocky points in a day’s time to fill the livewell with a decent catch of fish. Nevertheless, this lure and method can be much more productive than any other lure under almost any conditions!

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