Imagine a day of canoeing one of the last remaining wild, scenic rivers in our country followed by a romantic cruise and meal aboard a spacious pontoon boat through one of the most beautiful, natural settings in the Southeast. Both of these unforgettable experiences can be accomplished during a 24-hour period on the St. Marys River near Folkston, Georgia.

CANOEING_THE_STmarysSeveral years ago, retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Roger Giddens, returned to the river of his youth and opened a canoe and boat rental business that he named Canoe Country Outpost. Since that time, Giddens has expanded his simple canoe rental into an exciting business that offers numerous exhilarating boating and fishing options for groups, families, couples, or individuals. With the same innovative, hard-working attitude that made him important to the Army in 22 countries and 44 states, Roger Giddens will also customize trips to fit the needs of any client.

It is true that the physical character of the St. Marys river changes tremendously over the 135 miles that it traverses from its beginnings near Ellicott’s Mound in the Okefenokee Swamp until it empties into the Atlantic Ocean near the southern tip of Cumberland Island. Nevertheless, the beauty of this natural river, throughout its length, is too magnificent to be described with mere words.

Just below its headwaters in the Okefenokee Swamp, the St. Marys River is a small, very beautiful stream that is slow when the water is low and quite swift after rainy periods. The most popular fishing and canoeing area, however, is the second stage of the river. This section starts at Highway 2 near St. George, Georgia, and continues for 35 miles with a wider berth and slower current which allows more maneuverability for fishing and canoeing. Nevertheless, the river still maintains the scenic beauty and intimacy it had upstream and has many sand beaches that are perfect for a picnic or campsite. Below Canoe Country Outpost, and all the way to the coastal waters of the Atlantic, high bluffs replace the sandy beaches, the fishing changes, and paddling progress is increasingly determined by the level and direction of the tides. This part of the river, however, is the ultimate place for romantic, moonlight dinner cruises!

Since Canoe Country Outpost offers so many unique opportunities for individuals or groups, it is best to call Roger Giddens to discuss personal needs. He can be contacted by phone at (904) 845-7224 .

The breathtaking beauty of the pristine, tannic acid tinted, dark waters of the St. Marys River is highlighted by extremely contrasting ribbons of pure, white sands on either side, and surrounded by a kaleidoscope of interesting flora and fauna. Also, the fishery for sunfish and bass in the river is certainly worthy of any angler’s time. Add to this the solitude of rarely seeing any manmade structures, boats, or people, and any nature lover will realize that this wild, scenic river is one of the last of its kind on the planet!

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