The Quinta Real ResortFrom any room at the Quinta Real Resort in Huatulco,  Mexico, the predawn colors are as abundant and diverse as those of a light beam passing through a prism! Each degree of angle in the rising sun over the islands and beaches in the Bay of Tangolunda unveils a new and exciting  visual feast for the senses!

For me, a visit to Mexico has always conjured up visions of the drugs and human trafficking in the border towns along the Rio Grande, of huge hotels and tourist populations in Cancun and Acapulco, or of the dangers associated with Mexico City. Therefore, I was astounded by the beauty, the diversity, and the layed-back, friendly environment of Huatulco. It is truly a magnificent part of Mexico that few outsiders have  experienced!

Huatalco Morning For more than twenty years, Huatulco has served as the perfect getaway for native Mexicans. Recently, however, knowledgeable travelers have ventured into this secluded section of Mexico. Due to this new influx of tourists, Huatulco now offers a number of diverse trips for every taste and age. Most of these excursions are handled by Hector Cisneros Davalos at Paraiso Huatulco at 958-587-2878 or

Hautulco MorningBoating the Hautulco BaysMany choose one of the tour boats that sail frequently from Santa Cruz Harbor to view the nine bays and numerous white sand beaches of Huatulco, but I would opt for the eco-adventure tours into forested countryside via ATV or horseback. This is an excellent way to observe the local flora and  fauna in a forest area that is protected as a nature reserve.

Another exciting and picturesque trip along the outdoor adventure path is shooting the whitewater rapids of the Rio Copalito, which originates in the Sierra Madre del Sur north of Tangolunda Bay. Depending on the river level and the  season, three different rafting trips are offered that are based on a visitors skill level or fear factor.

Boating The Hautulco BaysI found the most interesting and educational day trip available was a visit to the Finca La Gloria coffee plantation in the nearby mountains. Beyond the paved highway, one climbs along a one-lane, rocks strewn, deeply-rutted, dirt road. A virtual kaleidoscope of nature unfolds all around, and it is easy to see the changes in plants and trees as the altitude increases. Numerous birds, lizards, armadillos, and multicolored  tarantulas are seen before passing through an ancient village after an hour of driving.

Enjoying the FallsBefore going on to the coffee plantation, visitors are taken on a side trip to visit a magnificent waterfall near the headwaters of the Rio Copalito.

Enjoying The FallsLocal Mexican families can be seen enjoying the cool waters, diving from the rocks, or swinging from a rope into the pool below the falls. Though hidden by the shade of huge trees, the streaks of sunlight through the branches reveal a heavenly work of natures own art!

Upon returning to the Quinta Real Hotel each day from exciting adventures, visitors enjoy plush accommodations, fantastic service, scrumptious meals, and hospitality that is rarely matched anywhere in the world! Because the hotel is perched high on a hill overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean, the vistas alone are among the best in Huatulco. Reservations are required and can be obtained by calling  toll-free 866-621-9288 or visiting their web site at:

Also, the journey on Aero Mexico Airlines out of Atlanta to Mexico City and the connecting flight to Huatulco on Mexicana Airlines were unique in a time when most airlines seem to be offering less. We were fed an excellent meal, the airplanes were new, and the flight attendants were more attentive than on any domestic airlines.

In retrospect, I was very wrong to have judged  Mexico harshly before I had visited Huatulco. This gem that is located south of Acapulco on the Pacific rim of Mexico is a bastion of ecological- friendly development, natural beauty, and historical interest, which makes this hidden treasure one of Mexico’s finest destinations!

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