Harbor Seals on a Rock Near Sonara ResortEagles, harbor seals, and seagulls thrashed the waters near the main dock at Sonora Resort as they competed for the bits of salmon being tossed into the crystal clear waters. A group of American anglers had just finished their fishing day aboard Sonora’s fleet of immaculate Grady-White boats, and the guides were in the process of preparing the salmon catches for shipment back to the States. Though it might have appeared somewhat primitive to a first time viewer, it is a daily happening at Sonora that is extremely sanitary and amazingly efficient. The fishermen leave with their packages of fish, the animals and birds are fed, and the dock is cleaned to perfection within minutes.

  Sonora Resort at SunriseSonora Resort at SunriseOf all the lodges that I have ever visited in Canada, Sonora is the absolute best, and coming from an experienced travel writer, that is quite an endorsement! This beautiful, modern property is hidden away on the tip of a remote island that is located between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia, which is about an hour by a Seair floatplane or Sonora’s own, state-of-the-art helicopter from the bustling metropolis of Vancouver, Canada. It boasts Five-star accommodations, an extraordinary level of attention and service, and breathtaking outdoor adventure…without compromise. Sonora is an absolute jewel amid the wild beauty and pristine waters of British Columbia’s coastal islands. It is a one of a kind, all-inclusive paradise where sport fishing is an important aspect, but so many other options are offered.

Despite the popular conception that British Columbia fishing camps are only intended for men, women who visit Sonora also find fishing in the comfort of a top-of-the-line, North Carolina manufactured, Grady White offshore boat with a cabin to be much to their liking. The salmon seem to always be willing in the waters near the resort, regardless of the angler’s age or gender, and for those who want more, world-class fly fishing is available in nearby rivers.

For visitors who have no interest in the piscatorial pursuits, the resort’s new wellness center is perfect for relaxation. The massages are superb, but one could opt for a body wrap, facial, or simply languish in a hot mineral pool while gazing out at the ocean.

Boats Trolling at Sonora ResortIf outside activity with no fishing is on one’s agenda, Sonora offers excellent eco tours in their fast, safe Zodiac-type boat that is complete with an intercom narrated ride with their own naturalist. The history of both local Indians and settlers is covered on the tours, and sightings of bears, eagles, deer, seals, and other birds and animals are normally part of these excursions.

Even if one never leaves the resort, virtual golf is available, great indoor tennis courts, a complete movie theater with fresh popcorn, a pond stocked with trout and plenty of fly fishing equipment, and an excellent business center with internet access. Also, one of the best parts of any stay at Sonora Resort is the constantly changing menu of mouth watering cuisines that range from gourmet to local offerings.

When visiting Sonora Resort, the staff makes it possible for each client to design their own holiday. They want you to do and see whatever your heart desires, and will make adjustments to see that each day’s activities fit your schedule. Some outside activities incur extra costs, but if you want to do it, the staff at Sonora will find a way to make it happen.

For most who visit this oasis on the wild, British Columbia coast, it is a once in a lifetime experience. Memories of being treated like royalty are not easily forgotten, but it is the pristine beauty of the surrounding area, the diversity of people and wildlife, and the fabulous fishing opportunities that keep Sonora Resort at the top of everyone’s ‘want to return’ list!

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