One of the most common sources of aggravation when fishing with soft plastic lures is the bait sliding down the hook shank during the retrieve or when setting the hook. Finally, a series of one-piece soft plastic baits are being manufactured by Mann’s Bait Company that have a harder head! These include the HardNose Worm, HardNose Lizard, HardNose Mullet, HardNose Flippin Craw, HardNose Jerkbait, and the HardNose Swim Toad.

The HardNose Worm has a unique tail design that helps to prevent hang-ups on weeds and branches and is very effective whether cast, pitched, or flipped. It also can be rigged weightless and used as a top water lure. The tail kicks up a splashing commotion on top that attracts fish from far away. This worm is available in the popular 6-inch size and in 10 colors.

The  fluttering, waving curly tail of the HardNose Lizard produces live action and  the ultra-thin legs flutter with the slightest movement or current. The combination of the thin legs and broad tail makes the HardNose Lizard appropriate for both slow and fast retrieves. The tough nose holds the hook in  place without interfering with the super soft plastic body action.

The claws of  the HardNose Flippin Craw have unbelievable swimming action with even the most subtle movement regardless of how the bait is rigged. This makes the new  craw a perfect choice for casting or flipping. With HardNose features, the HardNose Flippin Craw can be fished Texas style on a 3/0 to 5/0 hook or rigged with a jig head.

The  HardNose Jerkbait design incorporates a unique hump back weed guard that guarantees better hook penetration and weedless performance. Since this bait is usually fished without weight, the new HardNose feature will keep the hook securely in place even though the bait is whipped on the cast. The lower wall of the bait has a hook opening so that the hook only has to penetrate one wall, making the rigging  process easier and the hook more weedless. The HardNose Jerkbait measures six inches and is available in 8 saltwater colors and 7 freshwater colors.

The HardNose Swim Toad is built for swimming over heavy vegetation, and has a sleek soft plastic body that is anchored to a hard head that wont allow the bait to slide on the hook when cast or retrieved. The long legs of the frog kick in real time for natural buzzbait action. One of the unique features of the Swim Toad is that it is very effective on bass that blow up on the bait. Unlike a buzz bait, the frog can simply be allowed to fall and  swim in the area, thus providing a second chance for the strike. The HardNose Swim Toad is 5 inches and  available in 6 colors.

The  HardNose Mullet is built for saltwater applications. This bait can be jigged or fished in any situation that would usually call for live or frozen bait. This bait looks and  swims like a real critter without its head falling off the hook as frozen baits will do. Available in 3 1/2 inch and 4 1/2 inch sizes, the HardNose Mullet  comes in 8 perfect colors for redfish or trout.

S.P.I.C.E. is an acronym for Soft Plastic Infused Crustacean Extract and all of the new HardNose soft plastics are infused with this ingredient and salt. S.P.I.C.E is absorbed by the lure so it is not washed away in the water. This infusion allows the lure to be made with perfect texture and color and it  has been proven so effective that it has been dubbed Natures Feeding Stimulant. Its the same material  being used by fish hatcheries to increase growth rate by stimulating feeding  response in bass. Even if the fish aren’t in a feeding pattern, they will feed on S.P.I.C.E. infused food.

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