Early Morning Trolling at Lake LanierSurface temperatures have finally surpassed the 80 degree mark, and the thermocline has not formed at Lake Lanier. Therefore, deepwater trolling is becoming more successful as the water continues to warm.
Normally, the ideal trolling depth during hot weather at Lake Lanier is 15 to 35 feet, but the exact depth is always decided by where fish are seen on a quality graph recorder. The best method for reaching this perfect level that lies between the hot surface water and the top of the colder thermocline is by using leadcore line and a one-ounce Blakemore Road Runner bucktail jig with a 4-inch plastic trailer. Still, a bit of “trial and error” is in order to ascertain exactly how deep this rig will go at the trolling speed of each boat.

The best way to discover this depth for your particular boat is to drop a buoy marker at the exact level that you wish to troll on an underwater point of land that is quite barren. Since all leadcore line is color-coded, while trolling, let out colored sections of line until your lure visibly bumps the top of the ridge or point at the desired depth. Then, it is just a matter of letting out enough colors of the leadcore line to reach that magic depth while trolling. This whole endeavor can be greatly enhanced by using reels with a line counter. The reels must be large enough capacity to hold enough leadcore line to reach the proper depth, and be capable of handling a more than 30 pound fish.

USING THE FOLD-N-TROLLThough extremely simple, this method is always tremendously successful for catching black bass, white bass, and stripers during the hottest time of the year. Even if the fish decide to go deeper as the summer heat rises, one can repeat the process to put the lure at the proper depth, and continue catching fish until the fall turnover begins during September or October.

It seems that these days many anglers fish out of tournament-style bass boats that are not designed for trolling, and they have encountered a problem. In the past, when one wanted to convert a bass boat into a trolling platform, it required drilling holes into the fiberglass to install rod holders that were strong enough to keep a 30 pound striper from ripping the rod and holder out of the boat. Since most serious black bass fishermen trade their high-performance boats often, mounting permanent rod holders usually resulted in hurting the boat’s resale value.
Having run into the same problem, Gainesville businessman, Bob Davenport, came up with a unique idea that has solved the problem of using bass boats and other watercraft for trolling. His device, called the “Fold-N-Troll,” is simple to use, strong enough to handle most any fish, and can be stored in a rod locker on the boat.
USING THE FOLD-N-TROLLUsing the Fold-N-Troll only requires removing the standard fishing seat, and fitting the trolling device into the seat pedestal hole. Most boats have similar, smaller pedestal holes, but a few have much larger holes, so adapters have been made for each kind of seat.
As it unfolds, the Fold-N-Troll automatically deploys the four rod holders into a trolling pattern. The outer two rod holders are indexed to allow further spreading of the rod tips. For storing, the product doubles into a compact alignment, with two arms folding together. For more information, call them at 770-503-1693 or visit their web site at:
Though not as highly productive as in past years, deepwater trolling at Lake Lanier is becoming more successful with each passing day. This method may not be to everyone’s liking, but for those who just want to enjoy the lake and have a chance to catch a big striped bass, it’s an uncomplicated way to be productive.

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