Though local Charlestonians don’t seem to take notice, most visiting fishermen are moved when fishing near the harbor at Charleston, South Carolina. The old town of Charleston, Fort Sumter, Fort Moultrie, and Castle Pinckney are always visible, and they are so entwined in the history of our nation. Also, this old harbor is an excellent place to fish!

FISHING_NEAR_FT._sumterGreat record keeping and management by folks like South Carolina Marine Biologist, Robert Wiggers, have brought the redfish population near Charleston Harbor back in record numbers. In fact, it is quite common for good local anglers or experienced inshore fishing guides like native Charlestonian, Capt. Legare Leland, to catch more than a dozen 10 to 20 pound redfish per trip.

Capt. Leland is a descendant of a French family that has farmed the Lowcountry for more than a hundred years, and he has fished these waters all of his life. His methods are often slightly different than those of other local fishermen, but highly successful. Though he is an accomplished fly caster, and extremely adept with other artificial lure methods, Capt. Leland always adapts his approach to the skills and needs of his current fishing party. Therefore, when called upon, he uses live bait techniques that are more suited to family fishing, and his results are still very good. He is available for full or half day trips, night or day, by calling 843-810-0495.

Despite the extremely hot weather this summer, cool breezes off the Atlantic Ocean, great fishing, and the charm of Charleston are enough to draw any fisherman to this beautiful and historic place. It’s hard to beat catching big redfish in the shadow of Fort Sumter!

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