RiversongMeetingClientsFrom the air, during the 70 mile flight in a floatplane from Anchorage to Riversong Lodge on the Yentna River, the intricate patchwork of tundra and water is revealed as a colorful artist’s palette of natural beauty. This tiny spot on the Alaskan map at the confluence of the Yentna River and Lake Creek is World Famous for annual salmon runs that attract anglers from all over the globe to share unforgettable memories of piscatorial battles from these two fertile tributaries. Therefore, numerous fish camps are found within a mile of this junction of waterways. One of these camps offers much more than fabulous fishing. Riversong Lodge is located on the southern bank of the Yentna River and has impeccable service, award-winning gourmet food, fantastic fishing, and a chance to see and feel the real Alaska. It can only be reached by a floatplane out of the seaplane port at Lake Hood in the outskirts of Anchorage, Alaska.

For most guests arriving at the lodge, just watching the expert Rust Flying Service bush pilot land a heavy floatplane on a fast moving river is exciting! Once the plane settles, the pilot taxis the big aircraft onto a gravel bar in the middle of the river where small jet boats are waiting to take new visitors quickly to the lodge. Before overnight guests are shown to their rustic cabins, a hearty Alaskan welcome with refreshments is offered by owners Randy and Robin Dewar.

Fishermen in the crowd are usually suited up and on their way with a guide to pursue their angling dreams within an hour, and the possibilities are many. Nearby Lake Creek is really a glacial river that rushes down from Chelatna Lake just below Mt. McKinley and Denali National Park in the Alaskan Range. This renowned tributary allows anglers the opportunity to catch all 5 species of Pacific salmon (king, sockeye, pink, silver, and chum)…plus arctic grayling, rainbow trout, and northern pike at different times in the season from May 20 to September 10.

RiversongCottageFor those who don’t care to fish, Riversong Lodge has other special treats! Some people simply love the solitude of reading out on the deck while listening to the sounds of wildlife, birds, and the fast flow of the river…or the silence found in their room or the main lodge. Touring the herb and vegetable gardens with one of the award-winning chefs is always educational, and that can be followed with a cooking and wine pairing class. These hand-picked chefs even allow visitors to help do the cooking for other guests if they so desire. One can also learn how to tie trout and salmon flies, or simply engage in a card or board game at the bar while sipping a good beverage.

Food and drink is considered an important aspect of any visit to Riversong Lodge. They keep a surprisingly complete selection of fine wine and premium beer in stock, and each evening about 6 pm, overnight guests and staff meet at the bar in the lodge for hors d’oeuvres. Following that happy hour, everyones dines together “family style.”

In addition to the fantastic fishing, mouthwatering food, and unbelievable scenery, everyone who visits this unique wilderness lodge raves about their fabulous River Excursion to see and visit remote homestead properties. The trip goes a considerable distance up the Yentna River via jet boat from Riversong Lodge to a backcountry, one-room U.S. Post Office. Along the way, the panoramas are gorgeous and ever changing, and visitors often see eagles, bears,or other wildlife among the spruce, cottonwood, and birch trees. On a good weather day, you can even get a peek at Mt. McKinley in the distance.

Normally a stop is made on the return leg at one of the wilderness homesteads for refreshments, great conversation, and storytelling by one of the modern day pioneers. This gives sojourners some insight into the toughness and resiliency required of people who live in remote areas of Alaska.

Out of Riversong Lodge, you can also do hiking, whitewater paddling, and other interesting endeavors…all you have to do is ask. Regardless of your outdoor passion, Robin and Randy will make an extreme effort to fill your request. For more information or reservations, call 907-350-2392.

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